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Rollers for Industry

Ham­merk­ing Rollers Ltd has spe­cial­ized in the for­mu­la­tion of and devel­op­ment of polyurethane and rub­ber rollers for thirty years. We focus on inno­v­a­tive solu­tions for engi­neer­ing appli­ca­tions using a wide range of polyurethane and rub­ber mate­ri­als.

Our rollers have a rep­u­ta­tion for long life and dura­bil­ity out­per­form­ing other rollers in the market.

A wide range of indus­try proven syn­thetic rub­ber compounds:
  • Nitrile (indus­trial, print­ing, food-grade)
  • PVC  Nitrile (wear-resistant)
  • EPDM 
  • Neo­prene
  • Hypalon
  • Nat­ural
  • Sil­i­con
  • Spe­cialty com­pounds such as anti­sta­tic for­mu­la­tions and food grade.
  • Other cus­tom for­mu­lated com­pounds available
  • Spe­cialised indus­try proven bond­ing systems

Indus­try Served

  • Steel
  • Web Print­ing
  • Off Set printing
  • Pack­ag­ing.
  • Indus­trial Conveyor
  • Food pro­cess­ing and packaging
  • Flex­o­graphic
  • Lam­i­nat­ing
  • Wood pro­cess­ing
  • An exten­sive range of stan­dard and tra­di­tional indus­try proven formulations
  • With hard­ness range from 40  Shore A to 75  D
  • Indus­trial expe­ri­ence with a wide vari­ety of poly­ols and cura­tive systems
  • High per­for­mance spe­cialty for­mu­la­tions for spe­cific indus­try applications
  • Proven for­mu­la­tions addi­tives for hydrol­y­sis resis­tance, UV  pro­tec­tion, improved abra­sion resis­tance, fric­tion reduc­tion and increased abra­sion resistance
  • Expe­ri­ence in both for­mu­la­tion and appli­ca­tion of the new gen­er­a­tion polyurethane materials
  • Spe­cial­ized tech­nol­ogy in machin­ing, grind­ing, pro­file cut­ting and polishing.
  • Spe­cial­ity indus­try proven pur­pose built polyurethane bond­ing systems.
Indus­try Served
  • Steel Indus­try (coater rolls, con­veyor, steer­ing, bri­dle, squeegie)
  • Metal coat­ing
  • Wood pro­cess­ing
  • Heavy and light engineering
  • Pack­ag­ing
  • Min­ing
  • Con­veyor
  • Trans­port
  • Indus­trial component
  • Wear resis­tant engineering
  • Paper Indus­try
  • Con­crete and paving
  • Forestry

Research and Devel­op­ment Matters

Ham­merk­ing Rollers Con­stantly engage in Research and Devel­op­ment with both sup­pli­ers and cus­tomers always seek­ing new ways to improve per­for­mance and quality.

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